About Ezekiel

An exciting ministry in the River Region, Ezekiel Academy is an auxiliary ministry to churches in the area and is serving home school families seeking to enroll their students in a church school to train them “for the sake of My Holy Name” (Ezekiel 36:22).

This church school ministry comes with the legacy of her Administrator, Maretta Oswald, who continues to offer guidance, encouragement and assistance to parents who seek to follow God in His direction to faithfully teach their children with assurance that God brings forth growth and blessing through obedience to Him “for the sake of My Holy Name.” 

Here at Ezekiel we use DragonFly to help organize student events and sports. View this PDF to learn how to sign up for DragonFly.

Ezekiel Academy offers a variety of competitive sports programs for Junior and Senior High School Students in the greater River Region  area:

All Athletes compete, "for His Glory!"

Board of Directors (2023-2024)

Bobby Prince, Chairman
Ben DuPre, Vice Chairman
Andy Patchel, Secretary
Joel Sikes, Treasurer
Brent Speer, Parliamentarian
Maretta Oswald, Administrator
Lynette Smith
Kim Meadows
Cody Shaffer
David Lawrence
Alinda Sikes
West White
Jamey Zorn
Tameca Johnson
April Newell