Girls Basketball

VISION: To build unity and joy through true Christian example on and off the court.

Our vision is to provide a positive environment to prepare our young athletes to glorify Christ, while developing the essential skills on the court and in leadership, through fair competition and service to our community.

VALUES: Servant Examples through Hard Work, Dedication, Sportsmanship & Competitiveness.

It is an honor and privilege for us to be a witness to the Ezekiel Academy girls’ basketball team.  Coaching and playing basketball provides us with a very unique opportunity to carry out what God has willed for us.  We do not take this calling lightly and will accept nothing less from the athletes that play for us.  We anticipate a great year of hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, and competitiveness.  Keeping in mind that we will strive to put God first in our lives and be examples of Christ at all times, we will compete to win and will expect the girls to give their best efforts each time they take the court – whether at practice or in a game.  As coaches, our expectations are built on three key attributes, and we will emphasize these throughout the season:  Attitude first, Hustle second, and Talent third!  Because character-building is foremost on our team, we frequently remind each other that we are to “win like champions and lose like champions.”  Lastly, it is our goal to learn how to work and compete as a close-knit team and to help the girls build lasting friendships beyond the court that will last a lifetime.

Home Games: True Divine Baptist Church, 4601 Troy Highway, Montgomery, AL 36116

Head Coach

Derek Johnson

Junior Varsity Coach

Girls Basketball Schedule