Mission Vision Values

Our Mission

Ezekiel Academy is established to glorify God in all things by facilitating families in the Kingdom of God who are acting in obedience to God’s call to teach their children within the framework of God’s Word and their personally held Biblical-based convictions and beliefs, primarily the affirmation of the deity of Christ.

Ezekiel Academy functions as a church school as defined in the law of Alabama (Code 16-28-1:3) and serves the purposes of legal accountability as well as a system of support and encouragement for its member families.

Our Vision

The vision of Ezekiel Academy is to see Christian parents, through their daily direction of the spiritual, educational, and vocational training of their children as declared by God in Deuteronomy 6, fulfill the exhortation in Ezekiel 36, “that all will know that God is the Lord.”

As Christian parents adopt this Biblical pattern the model of strong families will be built and students will learn to live out God’s purpose and plan for their lives. The next generation will thus be equipped with the Biblical truth to be the leaders of God’s Church and this nation.

Our Values

  • SCRIPTURE.  All scripture is God breathed and profitable for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. A Biblical worldview is fundamental to our vision which is fulfilled through students acquiring Scriptural truth, applying Scriptural truth, and attaining their highest level of spiritual maturity and academic excellence.


  • EXCELLENCE.  The pursuit of excellence should be paramount in every area of ministry outreach (service, academics, and athletics). Parental teaching in a one-on-one methodology is the best system to secure spiritual and academic excellence for children.


  • PURPOSE.  God endows every individual with a specific and unique calling. The family home provides the best and most loving place for that child to discover and be trained to answer that call and thus fulfill his/her God-ordained destiny. (Psalm 139:15, Proverbs 16:4, Isaiah 44:2, Acts  17:26, James 1:6, Revelation 4:11)


  • ACCOUNTABILITY.  Each student will be in full compliance with the church school law of the State of Alabama. Each family will have spiritual accountability to a Bible-believing Church. The Ezekiel Academy ministry will be held accountable to the Board of Directors.