Policies & Procedures

All requirements, policies and procedures are subject to review and or modification by the Board of Directors of Ezekiel Academy.


A. Parental Affiliation Requirements

i. Both parents must confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.

ii. Both parents must be actively and regularly attending a Bible-believing church. Spiritual accountability is established with Ezekiel Academy with the submission of the Ezekiel Academy Statement of Faith signed by both parents and the pastor of the Bible believing church where the enrolling family is in good standing.

iii.    Both parents must agree in their desire to home educate their child(ren). If any of the children to be home schooled are the progeny of divorced parents, a letter of consent to the child(ren) being taught at home from the parent not in custody, or the one having joint custody, must accompany the application. If this is impossible to obtain, a complete, written explanation of the legal status of the divorce and the custody of the child(ren) must be submitted with the application.

iv. Ezekiel Academy requires that at least one parent must not be employed outside the home while that family is enrolled under this church school. Parents who work outside the home must provide a signed statement verifying adult supervision  during school hours. (8:00 am to 3:00 pm).

v. Parents that are accepted by Ezekiel Academy are engaged as teachers for the purpose of teaching their child(ren) at home and as such are employees without compensation. Teachers of Ezekiel Academy will maintain the highest of Christian standards. They will endeavor to act in a manner always becoming a Christian person by conducting their daily activities with integrity and personal responsibility.

vi. It is strongly recommended that both parents read certain books on home education to deepen their understanding of its implementation. Following is a list of some suggested reading:

a. Dr. Raymond Moore – Home Built Discipline; Home Style Teaching; and Better Late Than Early.

b. Gregg Harris – The Christian Home School

c. Michael Farris – The Home Schooling Father

d. Ted Tripp – Shepherding a Child’s Heart

e. Mary Pride – School Proof; The Big Books of Home Learning; and Practical Home Schooling Magazine

f. Christopher Klicka – The Right Choice: Home Schooling

g. Cathy Duffy – Christian Home Educator’s Curriculum Manual

h. Susan Schaeffer McCauley – For the Children’s Sake

i. Carren Joye – Homeschooling More Than One Child


B. Student Affiliation Requirements

i. Any student who is seventeen (17) years of age on or before September 1st of the school year for which he is applying will be admitted to Ezekiel Academy only if credentials verifying that the student was being home schooled for at least one year prior to application to Ezekiel Academy or approval by a two-thirds vote by the Board.

ii. Any student who is enrolling as a high school student is required to enclose an official transcript for all high school credits earned to date.

iii.    Any student who is enrolled in Ezekiel Academy is expected to live and abide by standards of conduct consistent with Biblical principles. These standards include, but are not limited to, the abstaining from the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, tobacco products, the unlawful use of weapons, vulgar and abusive language, inappropriate interpersonal relationships, and the use of any media that may be detrimental to the spiritual and moral development of students.

iv. A young woman who becomes pregnant or is a mother, or a young man who becomes or is a father, will not be allowed to participate in classes, activities, or graduation exercises at Ezekiel Academy. Any student who marries will be allowed to remain enrolled at Ezekiel Academy upon the approval of the Administrator.


C. Enrollment Policy

i. Prospective families must make application to the Ezekiel Academy board which reviews and approves all applications. Submitting an application does not in itself imply acceptance to Ezekiel Academy.

ii. The church school enrollment form is required by the Alabama Code, Section 16-28-3. This is a brief statement confirming each student’s enrollment in the church school. This form must be completed and signed, in two places, by the parent and then returned to the office of Ezekiel Academy to be kept in that student’s file. The Ezekiel Academy Administrator will mail a copy to the school superintendent of your child(ren)’s school district. Re-enrollment is required annually.

iii.    All parents are required to sign a disclaimer statement releasing Ezekiel Academy from any and all responsibility and liability for the education of their child(ren). Parents hold the ultimate and full responsibility for the education of their child(ren).

iv. An annual fee of $200 per family is required with your Ezekiel Family application. This fee is due at the time of enrollment and is refundable only if the application is not accepted.

v. The deadline for admission will be the first Thursday of August of the school year for which you are applying.

vi. Ezekiel Academy reserves the right to limit or deny admission to applicants where circumstances exist which may in any way jeopardize Ezekiel Academy and / or the affiliate families associated with it.

vii.    Both parents are required to attend the parent orientation meeting scheduled at the beginning of the school year, usually  the 4th Thursday in August.


D. Curriculum Policy

i. All curriculum and organized course of study is created or selected by the parent and purchased from a reputable supplier, but must cover the following subject areas: Bible, language arts, math, science, and history. (Resources on the curriculums and materials are available through home school websites and the publishers of materials for home school families.)

ii. Ezekiel Academy does not require a set curriculum for every family. One of the great benefits of home education is the meeting of the individual academic needs of each child and fitting that with the individual abilities of each parent / teacher. However, your decision regarding curriculum is a very significant one because your decision will determine what you teach. Pray for wisdom in making your choices. God promises that if we ask for wisdom, He will give it to us. (James 1:5)

iii. The Bible and Christian training must not only be included in the course content but should furnish the orientation and framework in the study of every subject.

vi. The curriculum should be administered primarily by the parent / teacher in each student’s home. However, in the educational process the parent / teacher is allowed the flexibility to delegate a portion of that instruction to an institution or personal tutor who is able to assist and support them in carrying out this God-given assignment.

v. Parents are responsible to follow the curriculum that they have selected and that has been submitted as the course of study to Ezekiel Academy. Parents are accountable for the following:

a. Set spiritual goals for each child and be diligent in planning and achieving these goals.

b. Provide primary instruction to their child(ren) using a daily lesson plan for each student (a standard lesson planner or computer generated plan). A daily journal of instruction or lesson plans and a portfolio of materials and sample of each student’s work should be maintained by parents.

c. Maintain attendance records and evaluate academic progress for each student and submit that to Ezekiel Academy on the Academic Report Form. One-hundred, seventy (170) days of attendance is required per year. First Semester Reports are due the first week of January and the Second Semester Reports are due the first week of June for each school year.

d. High school students are required to have course grades in their academic portfolios. Parents should retain a sampling of the student’s work in each subject area.


E. Academic Accountability Policy

i. The academic school year will be a minimum of September through May with a minimum total of 170 days of instruction required.

ii. As required by Alabama Code 16-28-3, the local church school must notify the local school superintendent of any termination of enrollment. Parents are held accountable to the Ezekiel Academy Administrator for immediate notification of any student who does not continue his home schooling.

iii.    Parents’ failure to meet the requirements outlined herein may result in their child(ren)’s release from enrollment. (Note: As required by Alabama Code 16-28-3, the local church school must notify the local school superintendent of any termination of enrollment. Parents are held accountable to the Ezekiel Academy administrator for immediate notification of any student who does not continue his home schooling.)


F. Enrollment Procedure

i. First Time Application:

a. Parent completes the Ezekiel Academy Application Form.

b. Parent completes the Church School Enrollment Form listing each student being home schooled between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17) and signs the two designated blanks in Part I and Part II, in black ink.

c. Both parents sign the Disclaimer Statement.

d. The parents submits the Ezekiel Academy Statement of Faith which has been signed by each parent and the pastor of a Bible believing church of which the parents are in good standing.

e. Parent submits the application fee of two-hundred dollars ($200.00). NOTE: A $50 fee for returned checks will be added to the original amount.

f.     Fees pay for affiliate membership in the church school providing you the means to home school legally under the Alabama law and to keep academic / attendance records for each student.

ii. Acceptance:

a. Acceptance of families to Ezekiel Academy is contingent on the completion and submission of all the required forms by the first Thursday of August deadline.

b. New members applications are prayerfully reviewed by the committee appointed by the Board of Directors and notified of their acceptance by letter. Ezekiel Academy reserves the right to terminate the application process when, in the opinion of the Board, the applicant is failing to complete the registration in a timely or appropriate manner, or if there is any misrepresentation of information on the application.

c. The first Thursday of August is the deadline for the submission of new applications for the school year for which application is being made. All forms and fees must be submitted and / or postmarked by that day’s date.

d. Enrollment will be allowed from the first Tuesday in September until the second Thursday in January of each school year. Enrollment for the second semester of a school year will not be permitted. 

iii.    Renewal of Affiliation:

a. Parent completes the Ezekiel Academy Renewal Application Form.

b. Parent completes the Church School Enrollment Form listing each student being home schooled between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17) and signs the designated blank Part II, in black ink.

c. Parent submits the renewal fee (per year, per family) with the Renewal Application Form. The fee schedule is as follows:

a. By the last Thursday in June, the fee will be discounted to one-hundred, seventy-five dollars ($175.00).

b. After the last Thursday in June but by the last Thursday in July, the regular fee of two-hundred dollars ($200.00).

c. After the last Thursday in July, the renewal fee will include a late charge of twenty-five dollars, totaling two-hundred, twenty-five dollars ($225.00) NOTE: Checks returned for insufficient funds will result in:

        1.     A $50.00 fee payable to Ezekiel Academy.
        2.     Checks must be redeemed within fourteen (14) days by making proper payment. Failure to comply will result in dismissal from Ezekiel Academy.
        3.     Personal checks no longer being acceptable as payment to Ezekiel Academy.


G. Withdrawal Procedure

i. Notify Ezekiel Office of intent to withdraw students from Ezekiel Academy.

ii. Sign the Ezekiel Academy Authorization to Release Records Form which is in the Ezekiel Academy Office.

iii. Accept all student records from the Ezekiel Academy Office. The Ezekiel Academy Office will retain the Authorization to Release Records Form signed by the parent, the Ezekiel Academy Disclaimer Statement signed by the parents, and the most current transcript of the student(s) prepared by Ezekiel Academy.

iv. Ezekiel Academy will notify the County Superintendent of Schools in which your student was registered of your withdrawal from Ezekiel Academy.