Join Ezekiel

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of joining Ezekiel Academy. Our mission is to glorify God in all things and to facilitate families who are acting in obedience to God’s call to teach their children within the framework of God’s Word and their personally held Biblically-based convictions and beliefs, primarily the affirmation of the deity of Christ. Below are the procedures for making application to Ezekiel Academy.

Enrollment Procedure for First Time Application:

I. Application Packets (Available only in the Ezekiel Academy Office)

a.Parent completes the Ezekiel Academy Application Form.

b. Both parents sign the Statement of Faith.

c. The pastor signs the Pastor Recommendation.

d. Both parents sign the Disclaimer Statement.

e. Parent completes the Church School Enrollment Form listing each student being home schooled between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17) and signs the two designated blanks in Part I and Part II, in black ink.

f. Parent submits the application fee of three-hundred dollars ($300.00). NOTE: A $50 fee for returned checks will be added to the original amount.

g. Fees are used to pay for affiliate membership in the church school, which provides the means to maintain academic and attendance records for each student.

II. Acceptance

a. Acceptance of families to Ezekiel Academy is contingent on the completion and submission of all the required forms by the first Thursday of August deadline.

b. New member applications are prayerfully reviewed by the committee appointed by the Board of Directors and notified of their acceptance by letter. Ezekiel Academy reserves the right to terminate the application process when, in the opinion of the Board, the applicant is failing to complete the registration in a timely or appropriate manner, or if there is any misrepresentation of information on the application.

c. The first Thursday of August is the deadline for the submission of new applications for the school year for which application is being made. All forms and fees must be submitted and / or postmarked by that day’s date

d. Enrollment will be allowed from the first Tuesday in September until the second Thursday in January of each school year. Enrollment for the second semester of a school year will not be permitted.

Ezekiel Academy applications are available in the Ezekiel Academy office,  8191 Seaton Place, (Sturbridge Commons), Tuesday. Wednesday, and Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The cost of the Application Packet is $3.00

To request an application packet be mailed to you, send a note with the address to which the packet should be sent and a check for $5.00 (payable to Ezekiel Academy) to P.O. Box  243034, Montgomery, AL 36124-3034. An application packet will be mailed to you within 10 business days.


Here at Ezekiel we use DragonFly to help organize student events and sports. View this PDF to learn how to sign up for DragonFly.